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Equashield Invests in Shawpak Technology

In 2016 Equashield installed their first Shawpak 32-20 thermoform machine integrated in a fully automated assembly and packing operation. The Shawpak size allowed Equashield to pack directly from the robotic assembly which saved time and double handling of the products.

Equashields COO explains ‘Equashield have grown significantly over the past 3 years and to support that growth we have added several new production lines, this however presented a problem with the amount of space we had for the packaging of our Closed System Transfer Devices CSTD. We were bulking the products and then taking them to a separate room for final packaging on our horizontal thermoform machines. When we came across shawpak at Compamed in 2015 the size of the machine was a real attraction as we could fit it directly to the end of our assembly equipment and due to the tooling drum design we were able to load the product using a simple 3 axis robot. We installed the first machine in 2016 and have subsequently placed orders for 11 more to match our growth demands.

Shawpak have invested in the engineering and service team which has ensured Equashield receive the best possible service. The COO added ‘we have received excellent service support from Shawpak,‘the technology was new to Equashield but the support we have received and the accessibility to the Shawpak engineers via remote methods has made the day to day running of the machines simple’.

Equashield is a privately held medical device company with over 200 employees providing a state-of-the-art Closed System Transfer Device (CSTD) for the safe handling of hazardous drugs. Product portfolio includes a wide array of closed syringes and adapters for accessing vials and IV bags in pharmacy as well as a selection of connectors and tubing sets for nursing

Shawpak are a division of Riverside Medical Packaging Ltd based in Derby UK. Building bespoke packaging machinery since 1979 Riverside Medical launched shawpak in 2015. Shawpak is a revolutionary thermoform machine that utilises a rotary drum to make thermoform blister packs.

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