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Chrome Wire Shelving

Chrome Wire ShelvingModular chrome shelving units are fantastic for health care facilities because of their capacity to be tailored to the exact needs of a specific department and hospital. Our healthcare range includes free-standing units in a variety of sizes, all available with optional accessories for extra flexibility.

They’re also practical and efficient. They can be installed inside operating rooms, hospital corridors, and any other location where space is a constraint.

Each chrome wire shelving unit level can carry about 100 kilograms. You can change the units based on your storage needs, adding or removing levels when necessary. You can also select units based on length. Buy more units or levels, as and when you need them. They are a cost-effective way to handle your organisational storage needs.

They can also be fitted with any support posts which allow for limitless customisation. There are chrome wire shelving accessories you can purchase to customise your units and maximise your space even further.

These chrome wire shelving systems are easy to clean, avoiding potential contamination. This makes them a good choice for use in controlled environments where cleanliness is paramount.

Our wide variety of chrome wire shelving units is perfect for any space. If you’d like to know which shelving units would be perfect for your space, feel free to contact us. Take a look at some of our chrome wire shelving systems today to see if they’re right for you.

SKU Name of Product Colour Size
CST610-910/4T Chrome Wire Shelving – Static Chrome 610mm x 910mm
SB/F Wire Flat Book Shelf Stainless Steel Custom

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