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About Us

Right from the start, Mermed Australia was focused on one clear mission – to meet the needs of all primary stakeholders in the healthcare industry.

When Tony Mercieca founded the company back in 1990, he recognised that many significant needs in the health industry were not being met. Having worked in hospitals, Tony had also been involved in writing infection control policy for NSW Health. He understood the enormous potential of new technology to shake up the way Australian hospitals, medical centers, dental surgeries, and veterinary practices delivered their services.

Today, we’re proud that Mermed products support medical institutions right across Australia.

Why choose us?

We’re an established, family-owned manufacturer and provider of cost-effective healthcare solutions across five areas – specialist labels (medications andsurgical equipment); tracking systems (electronic and manual); surgical equipment (sterilising and storage); furniture (ergonomic workstations); and packaging (contract and automated).

Proudly Australian, we’re delighted to have played our part in solving problems and making things easier for those working in the healthcare and manufacturing industries. Why?

  • Our flexibility ensures we keep adapting to changing market demands.
  • Our drive to improve every aspect of product and service delivery keeps us ahead of the curve.
  • Our honesty, transparency, and responsiveness.
  • Our focus on patient safety and outcomes.
  • Our desire to improve frontline worker confidence
Nuts, bolts, and practical solutions

Working closely with you, we drill down into the obstacles that hold you back from achieving optimum success.

  • Specialist suppliers of custom medical labels and medical label dispensers.

We look forward to working with you.

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