UV + Ozone Mobile

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Product Details:

This premium range product is equipped with both high performance UVC lamps and ozone-generating UV lamps. The short waves in the UV radiation is able to convert atmospheric oxygen into ozone.

Ozone is a gaseous element, meaning that even blind spots or hidden areas are targeted, such as under beds, behind nightstands, showers etc.

  • Fast
  • Chemical Free
  • Disinfects Room Air
  • Disinfects Surfaces
  • Reaches All Corners
  • Eliminates Odors
  • Safe


  • Disinfection of surfaces and air through DNA modification
  • Disinfection in shadow areas and in corners
  • Microorganism cannot build-up resistance
  • Biological disinfection (no chemical)
  • Room can be immediately used after treatment
  • Mobile appliance, easy to move
  • Small operating costs

Areas of application:

  • Operating theatres
  • ICUs
  • Isolation wards
  • Hospital wards
  • Bed preparation
  • Emergency department

Technical data:

High quality anodized aluminum construction with lockable light wheels and controls

Model: UV-Mobil 240combi
Tubes: 4x 30W894 T8
4x30W894 T8ozoneCapacity: 260W
Nominal voltage: 230V / 50Hz
Dimensions LxWxH [mm]: 500x500x1900