Stainless Steel Electronic Sink

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Added: November 2, 2017


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Fully customised electric height adjustable stainless steel sinks from Mermed are made to order. Custom sinks are designed around any size department. Mermed’s sink design is informed by research that details the hazards of sitting for long periods of time, as well as working at the correct height when sitting or standing.

Our electronic sinks have simple push button controls to lift and lower the sink height. With a travel height of 290mm, the electric sinks cater to all heights.

The lifting legs use Linak actuators with a lift capacity of 500 kilograms and come with a FIVE year warranty. Linak provide quality actuators that meet the high standards of products in the medical industry. We have combined Linak’s high level engineering with our industry knowledge to create workstations and sinks that get the job done and last.

Our intelligent plumbing design allows clean drainage so the sink will height adjust up and down without any leakage. The stainless steel splashback protects the wall and makes cleaning easy and the tops feature anti-spill edging to contain liquids.

Our sinks can be built with a variety of different faucets, hoses, or spray nozzles and are custom made to lengths required in a department. We welcome the opportunity to discuss what you need and come up with a solution that will work for you.

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