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New Mermed Instrument Protectors

Meeting the needs of our customers with high quality and simple product solutions was the core driver for Tony Mercieca who founded Mermed. His son Alan, current Managing Director, continues those values with products designed by Tony.

Current market product issues and challenges

  • Sharp and delicate instruments need a barrier to stop perforation of the packaging during sterilisation and handling post sterilisation.
  • Current paper protectors such as fold-able cards, foils and laminated cards are often flimsy and can fall apart. Plus paper solutions are not waterproofed and laminate versions may trap moisture after sterilisation causing problems with air entrapment in gravity displacement sterilisers or bench top sterilizers.
  • Instrument tip guards fit over sharp ends and are durable, however they are less flexible and require exact instrument sizing. Additionally, tip guards contact the area to be sterilised which presents further risks and a hazard in the operating room (another item to be lost in a patient).

Mermed Instrument Protector Solution

  • Mermed wanted to resolve the market issues and set out to create a product as durable as the tip guards and flexible as the foldable cards
  • Tony spent several months searching and testing solutions. He eventually sourced a new virgin polypropylene product that can be put through sterilisers without the risk on air entrapment.
  • The design of the new Mermed instrument protectors are also carefully planned to maximise security and flexibility. The protectors will not fall off and can be used with multiple instruments.
  • Mermed’s new protectors can be used in Steam, ETO and low Temp Plasma Sterilsers.

Mermed are pioneering new territory and have also designed a double ended protector, a first of its kind, specifically for dual ended Dental instruments.


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